Book Review: Praise for “Seduction”

“Very clever . . . definitely a cut above other thrillers.”
NOW (Toronto)

“There are enough twists, turns and identity shifts to keep you guessing… Like a dream, it makes you question what’s real and imagined.”

Seduction is smart and entertaining — brainy fun for a cold winter’s night.”
The Globe and Mail

“Book-review clichés come to mind: “I couldn’t put it down,” “compulsively readable,” etc. Seduction is a fast-paced modern novel filled with snappy dialogue, exotic settings and juicy intellectual plums, somewhat in the manner of The Da Vinci Code.”
Montreal Gazette

“A stylish suspenseful romp through psychoanalytical academia.”
The Bay Street Bull

Seduction is certainly a romp, and the author’s pleasure in writing it comes across, a rare enough literary event. Her devotion to the subject matter is apparent.”
National Post

“A fast-paced intellectual thriller . . . Dr Gildner’s insights about the desires that motivate us will keep you hooked.”

Seduction introduces crime fiction to literary mystery. . . . An addictive thriller that combines a crash course on Freudian theory with an old-fashioned detective story . . . Seduction is written with the kind of wit and intelligence reminiscent of another page-turner, The Da Vinci Code.
–The Hour (Montreal)

“A psychologically deep novel that combines two ex-cons, Anna Freud, and ambitious archivist and a zany catalogue of characters.”
Elle (Canada)

“A snappy pageturner of a debut.”
Ottawa Citizen