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Women to Watch: Catherine Gildiner

Catherine Gildiner is a best-selling author and psychologist. Born and raised in New York, Catherine moved to Canada at age 22 and now lives in beautiful Creemore in Southern Ontario. Catherine has written a successful and humorous series of memoirs which recount her life through self-mirroring character, Cathy McClure (Catherine’s maiden name). Catherine’s first memoir, Too Close to the Falls, which covers Catherine’s life up until age 14, remained number one on the Canadian Best Seller’s List for 172 weeks. Her second wildly popular memoir, After the Falls, continues her life story up until age 21. After writing two memoirs, Catherine wrote a Freudian thriller called Seduction – a fictional piece which also spent several weeks on the Best Sellers list. Most recently, Catherine completed her third memoir, Coming Ashore, as a continuation of her life up until age 25.

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