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The last book I read that I really enjoyed was “Coming Ashore” by Catherine Gildiner. This book is the third of a trilogy. The first 2 books were “Too Close To The Falls” and “After The Falls”. I loved all three books. They are memoirs of Cathy’s very zany and unconventional childhood, teen years and finally University and young adulthood. I had the pleasure of meeting the author, Cathy, when she came for our book club a few years ago when we had read her first book. All the members of our club enjoyed the book and it was a thrill to have dinner with her. When her second book was launched a few of us went to the party. It was held in a big old house that was converted into a pub. The theme was the ’60’s since the setting of her teen years was that era. Hamburgers, French fries and ice cream sundaes were served while the groovy music of the 60’s played. It was a memorable evening. I couldn’t wait to read the book and again I was waiting for the 3rd one. None of them disappointed. I highly recommend them.

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