Hollywood Twinkle interview photoProduction Notes: Catherine Gildiner

I had the great pleasure of interviewing New York Times best-selling author, Catherine Gildiner, regarding her book, After the Falls: Coming of Age in the SixtiesTo know Gildiner is to love her…rather – to read Gildiner is to be an instant fan and addict.

I read her first tome, Too Close to the Fallsa memoir of her childhood in Lewiston, New York, and simply could not put it down.  I will never look at a holy water font or a compass quite the same way again.  I fell in love with the little girl – her spunk, her wit, her courage, her intelligence and precocity.

After the Falls is the story of her life ages 13-21 with no less wit, humor, or fun.  Things are just a bit more serious, but no less amusing.  (I dare you to find a white lawn jockey – I did!)

–Sophia Smith

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